About Yogendra International

Welcome to the world of Yogendra International. We are a diverse, multi-faceted organization that manufactures and distributes a diversified product line at our manufacturing facilities in multiple international locations. Our products are known for their superb design and highest durability and our products are highly applied in all sectors including construction, fencing, pole line and many others.

Relationships built on service; honesty and loyalty are the foundation of Yogendra’s success. Our knowledgeable team works directly with customers and suppliers to help them manage inventory, develop and market products, control quality, and boost profits. Every customer is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the size of their order. Our experience and commitment to quality and service make us a leader in assisting our customers. We have a fine team of employees who work day and night to help sail the company right at the top. In addition, our skilled designers and engineers are highly experienced. Also, our intelligent management leads the company in an efficient manner, boosting the team spirit. Plus, credit must be given to our transparent and simple policies that have evolved professionalism in the business.

We have been a leading supplier of customer solutions. Through our continued research into new and innovative technologies, Yogendra has been able to develop products designed for the specific applications of our customers. In turn, this has helped our customers cut costs through reduced installation time and increased manufacturing efficiencies. We have one of the broadest product lines supplied by any manufacturer or distributor.

Our Team is committed to providing our customers and suppliers with an exceptional line of globally sourced products and services at very competitive prices. Our experience, commitment to quality and service, principled business culture, and financial strength assure that our partners’ needs will be met with an unsurpassed level of excellence and innovation. In all our client dealings, we maintain a strict confidentiality regarding prototypes, specialized design components or custom manufacturing.  Thus, we protect our clients’ investments in any proprietary elements inherent to their product lines.

Last but not the least; we are the premium place that truly values your trust and appreciation shown since a long time. Our goal is simple. To meet our customers’ needs by providing high quality products at the best price and delivery available. A lot has changed within our company over the past 13 years  but one all-important thing hasn't changed, and that's our commitment to provide the kind of service that keeps customers coming back -- something that's still best summed up with four simple words:"Growth through Customer Service"