Company Profile

We introduce ourselves as a Manufacturer & Exporter of Hot Dipped Galvanized Fence Steel Items, Concrete Accessories, Other Mild Steel Products, All kinds of Fasteners including Nuts and Bolts, Building and Construction hardware,Agriculture & Vineyards products and Transmission Line & Utility hardware .

In the latest development of our products we are introducing "Polyvinyl chloride fence" systems. Weather it is for privacy, gardening or railing systems. Poly Vinyl Chloride Fencing As well as branded “YOGPLAST” PVC Pipes and Fittings to different parts of the world from more than a decade. We also manufacture and deal in Minerals such as “Mica flakes” .We have established our firm in 1998 and during the journey of the firm we have added different products from time to time as needed by the market as per the current trend. We are an “ONE STAR EXPORT HOUSE” recognized by the ministry of commerce, Have A PVC Division ISO9001:2008 AND are also winners of The Exporter’s Gold Card. initially we had started our company for Export only however during the recent recession in the European and American market we have developed some products which are well accepted by the consumer in the domestic market.

For Yogendra International, Innovation is a constant process. We have the strength of experienced workers who are well trained in manufacturing our products so that the products are of good quality and are well accepted in the market by the consumer. Our Manufacturing operates 24/7 to meet and exceed our customers' manufacturing needs. Our quality programs and in-house accredited lab and personalized Hot Dipped Pit ensure that your products will always meet your specifications and requirements, and our integration with our distribution system and vast materials inventory enables us to expedite lead times.

Many of our Distribution Centers have large amounts of space available that offer full third party logistic services. From Inventory Management, Pick Pack and Ship to Transportation, Trace and Track, we can help. Our inventory management specialists will work with your personnel to map how product flows through your current system and identify areas where operational costs can be reduced or eliminated. We can provide just the right amount of inventory, when and where you need it to minimize your total cost of ownership. Our engineers can answer your technical fastener questions, provide application testing and training, and help you optimize fastener usage during production